Who’s Angus?


Thanks for taking the time to read this! My name is Angus McIntosh, and I am an introvert. The Meyers-Briggs assessment pegs me as an INFP which basically means I like to listen to people, think about stuff a lot, and then listen some more. I hate speaking unless given a chance to think about what I am about to say, which means blogging is a really good thing for me!

I am currently the Principal / Teacher at the Baildon Colony Hutterite School. If you don’t know what a Hutterite is, there is some decent information here (To be very clear, I am NOT a Hutterite…) The colony I teach at has very traditional views about everything…especially in the area of teaching children. There is no educational technology allowed in my one room school, not even an overhead projector.  Yes, its a challenge.

I almost titled this blog “Shit That Keeps Me Up At Night”, because I often find myself thinking about what we are doing as educational system and how we have to be better. If our students are going to be able to be competitive in the global economies of the future, they are going to need high end education starting now…sometimes that keeps me up.

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