I’m Done.

So, we have come to the end of the EC&I 833 – Foundations of Educational Technology course, and for me, it also marks the end of my Masters degree program. I had plans of creating my summary of learning so that it reflected not only what I learned in this class, but how it relates to the rest of my Masters program. That turned out to be much to large of a task (a.k.a – I’m not smart enough…). There is just way too much information for me to summarize in one short video. It has been an amazing 2 and a half years, and the best part has been meeting and collaborating  with educators from around the province. When I look around the classroom  at our last face to face session, I will only be able to think that the future of education in this province is is in good hands. Thank you all for helping me learn!

And now, my summary of learning.



4 thoughts on “I’m Done.”

  1. Oh my gosh, Angus, I am dying watching this, trying so hard not to bust out laughing while I’m at work. I love your “Grumpy Gus” character! What a fantastic job you did!

    I do disagree with the designation “visual learners” since there is a difference between learning preference and learning style. More and more studies are coming down on the side of students having a preference rather than a concrete way that they learn best. There are some who are very much wired in specific ways but not nearly as many as 87%. Just students today are more used to learning visually. But being forced to learn in different ways help you develop other ways of learning. But otherwise, awesome presentation! I agree, Oscar is awesome.

  2. I am laughing way too hard!! You really hit the nail on the head
    I am totally showing this to my students, I was just talking about learning styles with today! 87% is a huge number!
    Amazing job! I can’t believe you did this all with your iPad!

  3. Great video Angus! I really enjoyed learning from you this semester. Congrats on being done the program and enjoy your new-found “free time”!

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