The worst distance learning experience ever…

My guess is that most of you don’t remember the televised classes offered by the University of Regina back in the mid-1980’s. I took two of them, and it went like this:

  • a television camera was placed in a classroom at the University where a regular class was scheduled (for me it was Psychology 100, and Art History 100)
  • in classrooms around the province, (Moose Jaw, Yorkton, Estevan) students would huddle around a television to “watch” the class.
  • every one in a while, the Professor would say things like “Moose Jaw – are there any questions?” or “can someone from Yorkton comment?”  and then wait for a phone to ring.
  • if anyone had a question or comment, they would walk over to the phone on a table, phone the professor in Regina, and ask the question. The prof., who was the only one to hear the question or comment, would hopefully repeat the question and give a decent answer. Follow up questions required a second phone call.
  • someone would be there to proctor exams and take in assignments.

Lets just say that Zoom is an infinite improvement….


3 thoughts on “The worst distance learning experience ever…”

  1. This isn’t actually as far removed as you think. Took a night class in MJ for my undergrad in 2012 that was very similar… BUT you got to see the slideshow they were teaching from. I enjoyed it though, never had questions 😛

  2. Televised learning is still a thing (at the U of R and elsewhere). This post made me want to go and check out if the courses are still the way you describe. Hmmmmmm …

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